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Testimonials from Secrets Astrologers Webinar

Comments from Past Attendees:

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“If you want to make money as an Astrologer – this is the most important webinar you’ll ever attend!” ~ Victoria Bryant, Seal Beach, CA

“I’m a sophisticated marketer, so I was impressed to learn some very innovative email promotions to offer clients that will increase the business I get from them; and how to make more money from public speaking; and ways to avoid wasting money from ineffective Ad campaigns on Facebook and Google. This webinar paid for itself many times over!” ~ Barry Bookman, Albuquerque, NM

“Larry, your webinar on how astrologers can build and develop their business was very informative and enjoyable. Keep up the great work. I am also very much enjoying our communication about how we can combine your expertise in marketing and the services you provide with the services and products that we provide through the software companies and educational services that I am involved in.” ~ David Cochrane, President, Cosmic Patterns and Matrix Software, Gainesville, FL

“Larry, what you are doing is important. It’s quite amazing how clueless astrologers are about marketing the profession. There’s a lot of gray areas between being that clueless and actually growing the famous dorsal fin of the true materialist. The world will be a better place when more astrologers find that middle ground. Thanks so much for helping them with your marketing webinars.” ~ Steven Forrest, Astrologer, Author & Lecturer, Borrego Springs, CA

“What I really liked about Larry’s marketing webinar was how he broke down each segment of marketing into easy to understand techniques. Each segment may be applied to the growth of your business whether you are relatively new to selling astrology or may be a seasoned astrologer. As astrologers we wish to derive a monetary gain from our work, Larry’s shows us how to analyze our performance to successfully increase our income year after year.”  ~ Linda Furiate, Marketing Director, Int’l. Academy of Astrology (IAA) Columbia, MD

“In his webinar, Larry shows you how to use his proven marketing tactics to build a big career-size astrology practice. Everything he shares is easy to understand. So you come away thinking, Hey, I can do this! It’ll work! This was a great investment of my time, and I expect it to bring in substantial returns.” ~ Eric L Hansen, Nashville, TN

“Wow! I attended Larry Schwimmer’s webinar on marketing for today’s astrologer! His teaching style was fantastic and kept me completely engaged. It was so refreshing to know he understands and values astrology as a craft. I have already implemented a few of the “7 marketing techniques” he presented and received immediate results. I’m ready to take my business to the next level and this webinar gave me the tools I needed! I highly recommend this course!!”  ~ Chrystal Lynn, Cowgirl Astrologer, Menifee, CA

“Gee…on a scale of 1-5, I would rate it a 5 for SOLID, reality-based and tested content (strategies).  Also, a 5 for Larry being straight forward and in earnest.  I genuinely got the idea that he cares about other astrologers’ success. I sometimes listen to marketing webinars (free ones, from folks who are not astrologers) and I get the feeling that it’s all about inflating their already-inflated egos.  Very disconcerting. Larry’s presentation was a refreshing change from that egotistical approach.”  ~ Carolyn Perkins, Nevada City, NV

“As someone who is new to being a consulting astrologer (and not at all familiar with marketing techniques), I found Larry’s webinar to be incredibly helpful on all levels. He gave very sound, practical tips to build your client base and obtain referrals. Based on his own years of successful experience, he showed astrologers how to use seven marketing techniques effectively. He offered straightforward advice on tapping into what your clients really want, and so much more. I’ll be recommending Larry’s webinars to every astrologer I meet – this was a godsend!”  ~ Jennifer Howell, Gladstone, MI

“Larry is providing astrologers who want to build or expand their astrology services with invaluable information. As an astrologer he knows that side of the coin, and as an experienced Marketing Professional he clearly knows how to apply those principles to astrology. The information he offers astrologers is clear, practical and budget wise. He is filling an important void for professional astrologers.”  ~ Dennis Haskell, President, Time Cycles Research, Waterford, CT 

“Larry’s webinar teaches you the basic seven (7) marketing techniques you must know to build your Astrology business. I know when I put them into practice, they’ll help me make more money, immediately.” ~ Toni Dore, Atlanta, GA

Larry’s webinar was clearly presented and well-researched; he spoke from experience, willing sharing his marketing tools and ideas with us. If you need motivation and techniques, this is it!” ~ Catherine Goshen, Piermont, NY

“Larry Schwimmer knows marketing. He comes from both those corporate and entrepreneurial places where marketing makes it all happen. PLUS he’s also an astrologer. He presented us with a well-rounded framework for creating our own marketing plans with clarity and purpose. Then, he brought it all home with astrology-specifics from his own experiences and those of his clients. Larry’s webinar stoked the fire and sharpened my focus.”  Bette Forester, Toronto, ON

“Larry’s webinar has already inspired me to take action to make my astrology business a financial success. He presented specific tools and techniques for building and expanding an astrology business, and offered easy to understand, realistic and practical guidance. His marketing for astrologers webinar was exactly what I needed and I’m so happy that I invested the time and money to attend.” ~ Skye MacKenna, Phoenix, AZ

“I thoroughly enjoyed Larry Schwimmer’s webinar on building an astrology business. Larry gives practical and useful suggestions in 7 major areas where you can market (not advertise) your astrology business to increase your clients, expand your outreach, and multiply your income. Through his practice, Larry has demonstrated his formula for success in a competitive world, and you can learn it, too!.” ~ Beth Kuper, Lafayette, CO

“Thank you Larry.  This webinar has been a long awaited necessity to help astrologers pave their way on the confusing technological highway of online marketing. Your webinar is easy to understand with many valuable marketing tips.”  ~ Marci McCaffery, Denver, CO

“The Secrets – 7 Marketing Techniques Webinar is a well-structured webinar about using marketing to expand one’s astrology business. It answered many questions I’ve had in my head for a long time; and it helped me to understand how I could use the techniques of astrology marketing to build my business. Larry’s rich experience and background using different marketing approaches will save me a lot of time and help me avoid making some obvious mistakes. I really recommend his webinar for those astrologers who want to acquire marketing techniques to become more successful.” ~ Justine Zheng, Shanghai, China

“From those who are shy about marketing to the boldest entrepreneur, the 7 marketing techniques Larry teaches in his webinar serve you. It is a must-see for any type of astrologer.” ~ Sharon Borjas, Austin, TX

“At last I found someone who knows about marketing and astrology!!! Larry’s marketing webinars are a must for any astrologer who wants to make a business from their art and what they love.  It was so interesting and revealing to learn from someone who has done it, been there and got the t-shirt, so to speak! I live in the UK and webinars like his are so needed. Larry is a pioneer in this field and I’m so grateful I have found him!”  ~ Lucinda Tinsley, London, England  

“I learned some helpful tips and ideas from Larry’s webinar, getting myself on track to bring my astrology business to the next level. I can’t wait to try some of his suggestions. Looking forward to learning more from Larry.” ~ Cindy Morris, Boulder, CO