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Larry Schwimmer, Astrologer

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Astrology for Decision Making
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Your personalized 16-18 page report includes:

  • Customized analysis of your
    personal transits

  • Major events happening in your life
    during 2015

  • Advice on how they can benefit your relationships, career, and life
  • A list of the best decisions for you
    to make in 2015

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    How Astrology Can Help You
    Astrology, Horoscopes and Predictions

    By doing a horoscope of your individual birth chart, I can tell you how the planets in the Zodiac affect every major area of your life - from your personality, love life and marriage to your career and investments. Each year the movement of the planets in the sky hit key points within your birth chart, known as "Transits." These Transits exert an important influence on your personally, and they will reveal the major events and themes that will occur in your life throughout the course of the next year.

    By understanding how these Transits will affect you - you will be able to make the most of the opportunities that will come your way. And, you will better cope with any crises or difficulties that may occur. Major world events will be happening in 2012 through 2015. They will radically affect your life. This is not the time to "go at it alone and hope for the best." Now is the time to be informed about your Astrological Horoscope, so that you can understand the changes that will take place in your own life; take advantage of the changes that will take place in our society; and, prepare for what lies ahead. Let me share my predictions with you.

    Your Astrological Horoscope

    In the Astrological Reading I will show you each of the major Transits that will affect you this year. I will tell about the specific Astrological predictions and Astrological forecasts that I see happening in your life. As a result you will be prepared. You will have a happier and more successful year in 2015.

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    About Larry, the Astrologer

    Larry Schwimmer is an internationally known astrologer, business consultant, teacher and author. Larry has appeared on The Today Show and has had his own PBS Program. He has also been featured in Time Magazine, US News and World Report and The Washington Post, He has also taught at Northwestern University. Currently, he writes a regular Astrology column for The Huffington Post and The Elephant Journal.

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    Astrology for Decision Making
    Success is based on "good timing." Failure is based on "bad timing." Once you provide your birth data, I will do an Astrological analysis and tell you the best time to make a successful decision about an event or about a relationship.

    Which decisions do you need to make this year?

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