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“I’d given up on meeting a great guy for a love relationship, but my report told me to put my social life on steroids for the next 2 months and really spend time socializing. And, I met a fantastic man that I’ve now been with for 1 year. We’re talking about marriage.”     Joan F. New York, NY

Finding a Job

“I’ve been looking for a job for 18 months with no success. I bought this report to find out when I’d finally find one. The report said not to lose faith, because I would find a great job by the end of the year. And I did.”   Pete R. Phoenix, AZ

Cleared Up My Depression

“I’ve been feeling depressed and upset at some of the things that have happened to me lately. So, I bought this report to understand ‘what the hell’ was going on in my life! After I read it, I felt so much better because it described so much of what I was actually experiencing. It made total sense. Best of all, the report told me when some positive events will soon be happening in my life.”      Chantel V.   Paris, France


“My report told me that this was my year to become pregnant. It was right, because I’m expecting at the end of this year. I’m amazed at how the description of events has fit my life.”     Mary E. Houston, TX

Money Problems

“With all the expenses I’ve had, my finances are tapped out. I was wondering when my financial situation would change. My report explained why I was going through money problems and when I would no longer be financially burdened. It’s been 6 months since I ordered my report. And, the information was correct: My finances have radically improved.”       Leonard F.   Williamsburg, MD

Buying a Home

“Buying a home has been something I’ve planned on doing for some time. But I was worried about whether it was the right time, financially. So happy I bought this report, because it warned me that this year was a bad year to buy because, I’d be financially challenged. And, I would have difficulty obtaining a mortgage. Wow, was this report correct. Thanks God, I did not buy that home!”   Elizabeth Q.   Miami, FL


“I was planning on making a big investment and wanted to see what this report said. It told me which months to avoid because they were not lucky for me. It gave me the months that I would be the luckiest and I was pleasant surprised to find out that the timing it gave me has made me some impressive profits. I’m a believer!”   William L. Chicago, IL


“I bought the report because I wanted to find the best time to make some big decisions such as moving to another country. It was just the catalyst I needed, because I needed to know that it was a change that would work out well. It’s been a year, and I’m in my new home. I love the people and culture of the new city I live in.”     Ingrid S.   Stockholm, Sweden

My Health

“I have a number of health challenges and this report has helped me understand the best times to talk to my doctors about surgery.”   Jennifer B. Toronto, Canada