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Donna Cunningham’s Blog…Excerpts the Book: “What the Hell Is Going On in My Life?”

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Saturn Transiting the 6th: Tests and Lessons at Work

©2013 by guest blogger, Larry Schwimmer

 The following is an excerpt from “What the Hell Is Going On in My Life?” – Using Your Birthdate to Find Answers About Relationships, Career, Money, Sex & Health. The author, Larry Schwimmer, is an experienced businessman as well as an astrologer, and he has also written three books of practical career advice. In his astrology writing, including his regular column at Huffington Post, he excels at conveying astrological information in simple, accessible language. One great technique he uses throughout the book is showing the reader how to create what he calls an “astro action plan.”

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DELL Horoscope Magazine Review of “What the Hell Is Going On in My Life?”


Most followers of astrology realize that Sun-Sign columns only scratch the surface when explaining relationships, professional developments, or anything else in life that’s really important. Yet learning all he planetary symbols, what aspects are, and the many other technical details of astrology is often too overwhelming, especially when you just want to know why something is happening and when it will go away, or when a better opportunity will arrive.
Larry Schwimmer has stripped down the many confusing tools and methods to just a few basics in his practical, no-nonsense astrology guide, What the Hell Is Going On in My Life?

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