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Who Knows Your Secrets?


The 12th House is the most mysterious House in your birth chart. It rules faith, spirituality, your psychological make-up, and your secrets.

This House contains the secrets of the man who trolls the Internet every night, visiting pornography websites after his wife has gone to sleep; and the woman who lives with fear and shame because she’s regularly abused by her spouse. It also hides the illicit affair that the minister’s wife is carrying on with a member of the congregation.

It’s also known as the House of Illusion, Secrets, Self-undoing and Self-deception. This House reveals all the things about “you” that YOU don’t know and can’t see – that everyone else can. Located here are your hidden strengths, weaknesses, and what you don’t want others to know about you. This is the House of denial. It’s the rear view mirror that you look at to see who you are, but the image you view never quite matches reality. I once had a dear friend named Mary who deluded herself so much, we called her “Queen of De-Nile.”

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“Dear Larry” — An Astrological Advice Column

Larry Schwimmer

Dear Larry: My Husband is so cheap…NBC was there for the opening of his wallet!

Readers have written me with questions about their astrological chart, their Sun sign as well as the Sun signs of important people in their life such as their spouse, friend or boss. They’ve wanted to know how astrology could help them find solutions to problems and conflicts they’re experiencing in their relationships, career or daily life. This column is your chance to ask questions and receive practical answers. Please enjoy some recent questions I’ve received:

Dear Larry: My husband is a “penny-pinching” cheap man. The last time he opened his wallet – NBC was there for the grand opening. We can’t go to a restaurant unless we have a coupon that discounts our meal in some way. After 20 years of marriage, I don’t know what to do. He’s a Virgo and I’m a Libra. Do you have any suggestions? Super-Size Me, Los Angeles, CA.

Dear Super-Size Me: Virgos have been known to be a bit frugal or even tight with a buck. They tend to be very practical when they spend money and they worry a lot. Perhaps, your husband is worried about finances. Libras by contrast, enjoy sensuous and expensive meals and don’t feel sorry about spending money as long as it brings them pleasure. My suggestion is…

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Personal Transformation: Are You Going to Become Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Dr. K and Mr. H

The 8th House of your birth chart rules death, sex, taxes, investments and transformation. You may be thinking: “Am I going to die rich with a smile on my face?” The answer may depend on how transformed you are.Prepare to learn about one of the deepest, most intense areas of your life: Personal Transformation. Transformation deals with changing from the old person you once were, to a new and much more evolved person who has successfully altered his behavior. Have you ever had a major realization in life that you had to change your ways? It may have been an epiphany that came to you one day. Here are frequently heard statements made prior transformation.

Statements Made…Just Before Transformation:

  • “I promise, I’ll never be unfaithful again.”
  • “My kid turned to drugs and I was too busy working to be a parent.”
  • “She said she’d leave me, if I didn’t stop my abusive behavior”
  • “I’m sorry, please give me one more chance to change.”

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Mercury Retrograde: 8 Great Things That Can Happen To You Now!


In my article, 13 Ways to Avoid Getting ”Mercury Retrograded,” you received specific instructions to help you avoid getting Mercury Retrograd-ed from February 6 to 28th.

In response to the many emails I’ve gotten from readers who’ve asked: Isn’t there anything positive that occurs during Mercury retrograde – I’ve got some great news! There are some extremely good things that can happen in your life during Mercury retrograde.  I’ve written about them before, but they are worth mentioning again. Please take note of each of these 8 ways that might make this a great time for…

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