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MARS Is Retrograde: Be Careful of Your Actions: 5 Dos and 5 Don’ts

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You may be familiar with the frustration of Mercury retrograde, when the world seems to go haywire, because of miscommunications and breakdowns. Now it’s time to pay attention to your “actions” because Mars will be retrograde on March 1st.

Once every 2 years the planet Mars goes retrograde, as it will from March 1 through May 19, 2014. During this time span you may want to think “twice” about initiating certain actions because the retrograde can lower your energy level and bring frustration and obstacles to your major efforts.

If you have activities you want to engage in: STOP and re-consider them. Read these “DOs and Don’ts,” before you take action:

1.  Don’t Argue, Fight or Start a War …

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Your 2014 Horoscope: Exciting Romance or Sexual Liberation?


When transiting Uranus is in the 5th House of your birth chart, it’s an exciting period of life to seek out new ways of self-expression and creativity. You’re feeling free to experiment, and have experiences you’ve never had before. If you do this, Uranus will bring you liberation, freedom and newness into your life, especially in the area of love and romance.

So, if you’ve started off the New Year by telling a friend, “I would love to have an exciting romance come into my life” – well, you’re going to enjoy Uranus transiting your 5th House. It’s likely to bring you an unusual love relationship. A romance you experience at this time will force you to break from any conventional tendencies you might have, to ones that are more flexible and adaptable. That’s precisely what will make it exciting for you…

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13 Ways to Avoid Getting “Mercury Retrograded”

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  1. 1. To have an upsetting experience (during the retrograde) such as a major miscommunication, inordinate delay, lost item, bad purchase, computer crash, car breakdown, or equipment failure.
  2. 2. To frustrate oneself by taking action or making a decision during the confused mental state of the world created by the planet Mercury being Retrograde.

The planetary event that will make your life go crazy–returns. It’s known as Mercury Retrograde; and it occurs from Thursday, February 6 to Friday, February 28, 2014. It’s a time to be careful about the way you operate your life in order to avoid a variety of problems that tend to occur during these three weeks.

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