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Men Behaving Badly

Men Badly 4 Famous

The 8th House of the birth chart rules the “death and rebirth” of ourselves as individuals. It is in this House where we keep all things hidden, our sexuality as well as our desire for power and control. If we are open to the process of discovering who we are at the deepest levels, we can improve and transform ourselves.

However, if our personal desires cause us to manipulate others to get what we want; or if we have a dominating nature and use coercion to get our way – we may decide to root out such behavior and make a change for the better.

It’s also possible that if our behavior has been improper, it may be exposed by others, thus forcing us to change it. This transit is often the undoing of abusers, deceivers, hypocrites and adulterers. The lessons of Saturn can be harsh as these people found out…

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Top 10 Predictions – 2014

Pres. Obama

The basis for my predictions is a unique astrological event that began in 2008 and continues until 2015, called the “Cardinal Climax.” The Cardinal Climax is an unusual time in history when nearly all of the planets in the solar system make highly stressful and dangerous aspects to each other – especially in 2014.

This event has only happened three other times over the past 300 years. When it has occurred, it’s brought major upheaval to our financial system, government and society. One of those times was between 1927-34, a period known as The Great Depression.

2014 is the year of the Cardinal Climax. So, grab hold of your seat and get ready for a year you won’t forget.

Here are my predictions for 2014:

#1.  President Obama:  Scandal or Success? – President Obama’s personal astrology suggests that he’s at a crossroads in terms of his popularity and trustworthiness in eyes of the American public. As predicted, he was involved in a series of scandals in 2013. Here’s what will happen to him in 2014…

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When Will I Finally Get Married (or Divorced)?


In my 35 years as an astrologer, the question I am asked most often is, “Larry, when will I meet someone for marriage?” Look no further – the 7th House of your birth chart holds the answer to that question. It may also hold the answer to, “How long will I stay married?” This is the House of intimate partnerships such as marriage, where there’s a deep commitment of love between two people.

Understandably, most everyone is curious about knowing more about their partner (or, who might be their ideal partner). When I do a personality analysis for clients who are single, they’ll often ask, “Can you describe the characteristics of the man (or woman), I would want to marry?” Well, this is the house of your birth chart that will answer that question and give you insights as to the needs you’ll have within that relationship. Often a person is attracted to someone who just does not satisfy their needs. Have you ever heard a friend say…

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Venus Retrograde: 7 Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your Looks, Love Life & Money

Bad Haircut

Are you thinking of cosmetic surgery, becoming engaged, or buying a luxury car? If so – think again! You could be doing these things at the wrong time because Venus is retrograde.

You may be familiar with the frustration of Mercury retrograde, when the world goes “haywire,” 3-4 times a year. But Venus retrograde can also provide you with a special set of problems you may not know about. Venus only goes retrograde every 18 months (for 40-43 days), as it will from December 21, 2013 through January 31, 2014. This important event may have a huge effect on your life.

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