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Payback is a B*tch: The Career Lesson of President Richard Nixon.

Pres. Nixon

Harvest or Payback: Now is the Time to Take Responsibility for Your Career

During Saturn’s transit through the 10th House of your Career, you are accountable for whatever career, status and reputation you’ve built. You’re ready to harvest the rewards for all your hard work and efforts to attain your goal. Now is the time when your diligence and preparation pay off and you achieve excellent results; or whatever results you deserve.

Do you remember those long hours and months of working overtime, not seeing much of your kids, and your spouse giving you the “evil eye” as you rolled in after 8 p.m. each night? Or, do you remember those weeks or months when you found a way to take leisurely lunches, leave work early and do only what was required? This is when “the chickens come home to roost.”

Be aware that if you haven’t worked in good faith or improperly prepared yourself, you may encounter great difficulties now. In fact, old astrologers had a saying: “Saturn in the 10th is a time of a rise or fall.” In other words, during this period of your life you’ll receive cosmic payback for the good and bad deeds you’ve done.

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DELL Horoscope Magazine Review of “What the Hell Is Going On in My Life?”


Most followers of astrology realize that Sun-Sign columns only scratch the surface when explaining relationships, professional developments, or anything else in life that’s really important. Yet learning all he planetary symbols, what aspects are, and the many other technical details of astrology is often too overwhelming, especially when you just want to know why something is happening and when it will go away, or when a better opportunity will arrive.
Larry Schwimmer has stripped down the many confusing tools and methods to just a few basics in his practical, no-nonsense astrology guide, What the Hell Is Going On in My Life?

 DELL Horoscope Magazine

Will Your New Friend Be Warren Buffett, Harry Potter…Or Tony Soprano?


A Friend for a Season, a Reason or a Lifetime?

Wherever Pluto is in your birth chart you’re engaged in the process of radically transforming yourself. If it’s transiting your 11th House it’s time to transform your friendships and the groups that you socialize in.

During this period of your life, you’ll feel an intense passion to socialize that will result in your being attracted to new activities and groups that you relate to and identify with. As your ideals and goals change, you may be attracted to new friends of depth with similar ambitions. This is when you may meet powerful and influential friends who will have a profound effect on you and what you accomplish. Since shallow and superficial relationships will no longer be satisfying, you’ll want to be with people who share your passion and intensity.

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