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How To Ask For A Raise…Without Getting Fired!

Jerry Maguire

Yes, these are tough economic times. The job market always seems to be tight. But if you’re like most people, you’re working hard in your job and often long hours. And, assuming you are good at what you do: Are you being paid what you’re worth? Would you like to make more money? Do you have a salary review coming up? Here’s some information you need to know to get the raise you deserve.

Let’s begin by acknowledging the reality of the world most people work in. There are various corporate political games that are played in most companies and organizations. One of the most important to you: the Raise Game.

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Take the Bus…Not the Jet to Nirvana


Are You Inspired or Confused?

Here’s a simple test: When Jehovah witnesses ring your bell…do you answer? If so, do you invite them up for a cup of coffee to hear their message? Do you end your sentences with, “Praise the Lord!” Are you following a particular guru who’s showing you the true path? Do you feel sure that you are “one with the universe?” Are you questioning whether God exists? Or, are you wondering what it even means to be spiritual?

Thanks to the transiting planet, Neptune, this may be the time when you find answers to your questions.

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Life Begins at 29 – Just Ask Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner


A mind-blowing event that will change your life, happens when you are 29

It’s called your Saturn Return and here’s what this experience is about. Close your eyes and flashback to your late teens and twenties. You’re enjoying your freedom and experimenting, as you make your way into the world. You’ve left school and probably your parent’s home. You’ve started your career and taken a job where you could express your creativity, make a difference, or just make a lot of money. You’re living on your own in an apartment you share with roommates. Life is good as you meet with the gang for some volleyball and a barbecue at the park. It’s fun staying out late into the night, partying at all hours of the morning. You’re enjoying the carefree life of being single, with a minimum of responsibilities, doing what you damn well please.

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