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The Planetary Event: How it May Change Your Life


        Hello Everyone,
In my 2nd article in the The Huffington Post — they chose to leave something important out of my article.  I mentioned that the likely period of a “mini” stock market crash was from June 20 to July 20.
        So, please keep these dates in mind and take whatever protective measure for your portfolio — you think best whether it is selling your stocks.  Or, buying PUTS; or, buy a “short fund” ETF.
        And, as the article says:  We will see some major changes going on in the world during this period. 
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The Planetary Event: How it May Change Your Life

June 4, 2012 – Danger: Get out of the Stock Market this week!

June 4, 2012

On May 6th, I SOLD out of my S&P and NASDQ funds, OIL, GOLD & SILVER.  This week, I will sell my remaining positions.

We have moved into  a very dangerous period this week.  And, it will become progressively worse as we get further into June (and July) when we are likely to have a “Stock Market” crash.

This week begins with very negative Astrology with the SUN & MARS.  And, bad astrological aspects are coming, especially during the June 23 to June 29th period when we have URANUS Square to PLUTO + VENUS going Direct + JUPITER Square NEPTUNE.  The Uranus/Pluto Square is exact on June 24th…and, which will continue through March 17, 2015.

And, mid-July brings us into the MARS/URANUS “crash cycle.”

The Uranus (i.e. unexpected shock) Square to Pluto (i.e. debt, default, deficit, destruction) is the death of the current financial system.  These planets are giving our politicians, business leaders, and society a “wake-up” call that says:  our economy and financial systen must be fixed and transformed.  New structures must be built to preserve our economy and financial system.

Unfortunately, the leadership of our government — the President and the Congress are not willing to work together.  Politics has made all our elected leaders forget their responsibility to the people who elected them.  There are no statesmen who will come forward.  There are only opportunists, waiting like vultures for their own self-serving opportunity to benefit.

I vote both Democratic and Republican, depending on the candidates.  So, I don’t have “any dog in this hunt.”  I see enough blame to go around to both parties.  But it is clear that the Republican strategy is to obstruct OBAMA.  Hope for a continuation of high unemployment and a bad economy in order to have a “sweeping” victory against the Democrats on November 7th!  The main focus of those — who want OBAMA removed from a 2nd term…is working hard to make sure he fails — even if it hurts every American by making economic and unemployments conditions even worse.

The Astrology of JUNE and JULY is bringing us a financial crisis that will force selfish, political opportunists to work together to find solutions for the benefit of all.  Unfortunately, this much needed cooperation is likely to come only after a financial disaster — probably, starting in late November, after the elections.

If you are a Trader, put your money in a “short ETF fund.”  If you don’t feel comfortable playing the “short-side” of this market, move your money into a “money-market” fund.  This is not the time to work for a “return on your capital.”  This is the time to worry about a “return of your capital.”

Meanwhile, I will give you updates.  But you are officially warned!  Move your assets into cash.  Or, set up a “hedge” by having some of your money in ETFs that “short” the stock market.

I will keep you posted as the crisis becomes even more defined.

Meanwhile, I want to say publicly:   Shame on all of you Politicians.  And, shame on all those people that think that practicing the politics of hate and division is the way to resolve our problems.   That approach is irrational and self-destructive (which is why Uranus and Pluto are here to teach everyone a lesson).    The real solution is to work together in a civil manner, and work toward compromise and effective solutions.  But the irrationality and upset of URANUS is ruling the day.