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Upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipse: Big UP or DOWN in Stock Market!

We have a big SOLAR ECLIPSE…this Sunday, May 20, 2012. And, a LUNAR ECLIPSE on June 4th. The Stock Markets are likely to feel dramatic effects from this Eclipse that will be reflected in volatility and large price swings in either direction. This means that Stock Market could go screaming UP on Monday. Or, perhaps, we’ll see a BIG LOW!!! (This is why many investors use “stops” on their Trades.)

The market still looks very dangerous, so, I am planning on keeping my current SHORT positions. But I will be ready to reverse them to the LONG side, when the market begins it’s reversal the other direction.

And, we are likely to have the possibility of disastrous weather such as high tidal forces causing floods and earthquakes during the May20 to 23rd period followed by the LUNAR Eclipse. The Astro Activity suggests the possibility of some War-like activity or terrorist incident, perhaps by June 4th.

It should be an exciting period to watch!

Amazing Medical Discoveries: Buy BIO TECH Stocks!

As a Financial Astrologer, I published my recommended investment portfolio for 2012 on January 1, 2012 for all my subscribers and followers.  One of my big winners was in BIO TECH, the ETF:   FBT.  It was in the news yesterday + 35% for the year, already.

I love the BIO TECH Sector (and, this etf fund in particular).  The BIO TECH sector will do extremely well, not only because of the huge attention being paid to health care, and the demographics of our aging population — but because NEPTUNE will be in PISCES for the next 13 years…a time when we will see many  miracles in the medical discoveries area.  We are headed for turbulent times in the Stock Markets this year and into 2013 and 2014.  Anyone who wants to find an investment that could double in value during that time — should have bio tech stocks in their portfolio.   Although, even with great bio-tech stocks we may take our profits before the crash that will be coming.  (More on that in the future)